Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June Steamroller: Pre-Tournamen Thoughts on Skorne Lists

Okay, so I said in the last post that I would do a recap of my games, but first I decided to put down my thoughts going into the Steamroller. Normally, our Steamroller events have about 14-18 players; however, this time one of the areas most supportive and interactive Pressgangers is leaving the area and this will be here final event before moving back east. As such, I am pretty sure that we can expect a higher than normal turnout for the event. This will mean that I can not make any assumptions about the meta and what I will be seeing.

In addition, this tournament does allow specialists; this means that I can hopefully, sort of, maybe, kind of tweak my lists to cover a larger range of opponents. I also know that we have recently had an uptick in the meta of people playing Legion and large based models, which has me inclined to pick a certain way; however, I know that on the larger local meta there has been a lot of Convergence and still a lot of troop swarm combined with Cyrx. Oh, the decisions. I did however, lock in a single list. So, let us look at the one list I have locked in shall we....yes, we shall.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Skorne List Evolution: Tyrant Xerxis

Well, we are finally to the third and final caster that I will be discussing in this series of Skorne List Evolution articles. Despite the fact that Xerxis is the first caster to click for me as a player, he is my designated third caster. While I have no doubt that I will be playing him in two list Steamrollers to get practice, he doesn't feel the gaps in my line up as well as Mordikaar. 

He does fill gaps in my list pairings, gaps that I have to try and shoe horn in  eHexeris or Mordikaar when playing two list Steamroller events. In Iron Gauntlet events, or Masters events, he is definitely in as he covers a wide range of opponents that the other two might not match up well against. As with my previous lists, my original list started off as a list from...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Skorne List Evolution: Void Seer Mordikaar

This is the second of my articles on my current army lists and how they have evolved as I have played them over the past 10 months. In my last article I discussed Lord Arbiter Hexeris. This time around I will endeavor to discuss my Mordikaar list. I have enjoyed Void Seer Mordikaar a whole lot; I like the fact that he is a unique caster, who does some unique things in the game. While I was able to figure him out early on, I was never able to make him click properly on the table top. As a result, he became a third caster that vied for position with Rasheth and others in my proposed third slot. However, time and time again, I find myself pulling him back out as each time I seemed closer to unlocking riddle that is Mordikaar. 

Giving credit where it is due, this list like my last one started out as a list from....

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Skorne List Evolution: Lord Arbiter Hexeris

I was printing out my lists for an upcoming Steamroller and it started me thinking about how much my lists have changed in just 10 months of playing Skorne. First off, it is amazing to me that I have only been playing Warmachine and Hordes for a year (or will be a year in July) and Skorne for two months less than that and already, my lists have changed dramatically. I am not talking about playing new lists with new casters, I am talking about the lists that I play in competitive events when I am trying to win games and place.

After giving a little more thought to this, I decided that it would be interesting to take a look at where the lists started and what they have become currently. I plan to do this for each of the three main casters I plan to concentrate on till Dual-Con. I have decided to start with a caster that vexed me for the longest time and now has become my favorite Skorne caster: Lord Arbiter Hexeris, or eHexeris, eHexy, or Hexeris 2.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Skorne Dojo Games: A Quick Wrap Up Of A Lot Of Games

Okay, so I am terrible at posting things in a timely fashion. However, I have managed to get post once a week for two weeks in a row, so that should count for something. Right? Okay, I will endeavor to try hard to post on a more regular schedule.

Now, I have been getting in a lot more games than normal and I have put the time to use and I have been playing a lot of games with different casters and builds as I want to shore up some weaknesses that I noticed in my two caster pairings. I am pretty sure I have not found the magic combination that covers all of my bases, but I have found a combination that I enjoy playing. However, before we get to my lists, a quick recap of my games; starting with...